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A few ideas that will make it easier to get started with Spell.

Before we dive in details about different AI concepts and tools: here’s an introduction to the main concepts at Spell!

Tasks and Agents

Your work on Spell can be done using two different tools. Learn how they compare!

⚡️ Tasks

Great for repetitive tasks with your predefined prompts and with the context provided upfront. Examples:

  • Write a blog post on a given topic
  • Extract data from CSV and summarize
  • Brainstorm SEO keywords with provided information

💼 Agents

Best for tasks that involve multiple steps which depend on each other. Examples:

  • Find content on multiple websites and write an article
  • Take a list of contacts and write a personalized email for each
  • Get information from one plugin and use in another

3 takeaways

What are the three best tips to make the most of Spell?

  1. For simpler generative work you may find Tasks to be a better choice! Deploying and Agent is not always necessary and can result in higher credit usage and lower quality results.
  1. Two common reasons for an agent failing are: too many enabled plugins or a plugin mentioned in the prompt but not enabled in agent configuration. If you see your agent using tools incorrectly, have another look at the setup!
  1. Think of your agent as an intern. It may not get it right the first time and will definitely need some guidance! If you see your agent failing a task, try again with a different prompt or configuration.